white on white on white


My favourite colour/shade to decorate a room is white; it’s classic and just so darn pretty. Grey, silver, black and gold accents along with white are just perfection; especially when the holidays roll around. I’ve been decorating my home with these colours and it just feels so cozy! One of my favourite places to shop; especially around the holidays is Indigo. White/gold goodness and huge amounts of inspiration can be found there. I’ve put together some inspiration of my own and some accents for the home that I love. What are your favourite colours to decorate the home?

1. Jasmin Pillow Cover

2. Ferm Living Pillow

3. Ceramic Reindeer Candle Holder

4. Winter Snow Serve Bowl

5. Gilded Amberleaf Candle

6. Vermeil Branche Candle

7. Reindeer Blanket

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