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well hello there, i’m back ..

Wow, I cannot believe it’s October and 6 months have gone by without writing on this blog. I didn’t mean for this long lull to happen, it just did. I started a new job at the start of this year and things just got kind of crazy busy. Of course I had time to write on here but it didn’t feel right. I wasn’t feeling the passion for writing that I had before and I wanted to write posts that truly inspired me. I needed some time for myself and I took it, but I am back because this is something I truly want to do.

It was nice still receiving emails from some of you, asking when I would come back and still making comments on my posts. That made me realize that I had an audience; and while it might not be a big one (just yet), I still had one. I wanted to get back to sitting down and writing again so here I am ready to do this.

I’m excited to put out some new content and see where this blog can go!

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