Valentine’s: Gift Guide For Him

Recently I shared a Valentine’s gift guide for the wonderful ladies in our lives, but today I’m sharing a gift guide for those men that we love so dearly!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m a big believer in gifting the men a little somethin’ somethin’ for Valentine’s day as well. I’ve been known to splurge and spend a little extra (but that’s just me). You can do something as simple as a Starbucks gift card! I don’t know who wouldn’t love that.

I’ve put together a little guide below of what’s on my list for my man and some of his favourite things. If you’re a last minute shopper (like I can be), here’s what you can grab quickly before the holiday in a couple of days!

valentines: gift guide for him mimosas and pumps lifestyle blog

ONEI have a strong love for Sperry’s. What’s funny is that I have bought them for other people, but never for myself (has to happen this year). I think they’re one of the best shoes for guys and they’re not tooooo pricey. I think this makes a great gift that would get a lot of use (once the snow is all gone, of course ;)).

TWOIs your guy a book lover? Mine is! I think books make one of thee best gifts for absolutely anyone and they’re an inexpensive gift at that. I’ve heard super good things about this book and I’ve been wanting to read it myself. Anyone read this yet?

THREEI swear I have been on the hunt for a men’s vest for what seems like ever and I think I’ve finally found thee one. It’s sexy (anyone find men’s vests sexy?) and it’s amazing quality. I am a big big lover of Patagonia and I think this would make a perfect gift to transition into spring with!

FOURI bought this exact water bottle for the man last year and I’m still diggin’ it. I have a Swell bottle myself and I’m obsessed with the fact that they keep the water so dang cold (perfect for those hot beach days). But seriously, it’s worth the investment and they come in a bajillion colours. I think it’s super healthy of you as well if you carried this bad boy around to keep you hydrated!

valentines: gift guide for him mimosas and pumps lifestyle blog

FIVEAnyone else love games? We’ve been trying to up our collection because it’s looking so sad right now. I recently came across this game and I WANT it. It sounds so so good. I’m all about those games that get everyone involved (think dirty party games, oops!). But seriously, I think a game is an amazing gift and you get to benefit from it too πŸ˜‰

SIXI love shopping for men’s clothes more than shopping for myself. AND when I come across shirts that I love, well I need to buy them stat. I swear I fall for the same men’s shirts over and over again. Think same patterns and same colours. BUT how good is this shirt? I’m currently adding it to my cart (because it’s 30% off).

SEVENI love beards. Let’s start off with that statement, shall we? And I love a man that takes care of his beard even more. I’ve purchased this beard oil before and the man really enjoyed it. It smells good (bonus for us), softens that beard and it’s inexpensive. I know everyone out there is creating a beard oil nowadays, but if you can’t make up your mind, this is a good one to try!

EIGHTI’m a sucker for good bags, travel accessories, luggage, etc. I believe that you should travel in style (well try… I seem to just throw on whatever most times). But, seriously. I think investing in good pieces such as this is worth it! I’m really digging this bag for traveling and even some hiking once the weather gets nicer. Black is classic, but they also have a multicolour one that is super cool too!

So… what do you think!? Is anything on this list catching your eye?

Let me know in the comments below if you plan on getting your man something and what you plan on getting him!

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