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I’m a book nerd. I love reading any time, anywhere and anything. I have my mom to thank for getting my sister and I (hi mom and Sarah), reading at a young age. I think it started with Harry Potter! I usually go to my sister (who’s an even bigger book nerd than I am) for book recommendations but I’ve been getting asked a lot what is on my list. Well let me tell ya, I have a list of books that I’ve been wanting to read so I thought I’d share a few with you.

I will read a book from any category if it sparks my interest so I’ve listed a few books from different categories because not everyone likes the same books.

My goal is to finish these books by the end of the summer but for some of you it could be a goal to read at least one.





Luckiest girl alive – This book has been compared to Gone Girl (I love), so if you’re a fan of thrillers, I highly suggest you pick up this book!

Nice is just a place in France – 1. I want to visit Nice, France but 2. it’s a girl boss book and it’s one of those ‘help you get what you want’ books

Leave your mark – I’ve seen this all over Instagram and a friend of mine just read this. I’m a fan of #girlboss books (who read girl boss by the way?) and I’m all about improving myself as well as seeing what I can do with my blog!

The pocket wife – A woman with bipolar disorder doesn’t remember if she’s murdered her best friend. Uh creepy and pumped to read it! Its got the same vibe as before I go to sleep. If you haven’t read that book then do it.

The good girl – This book is also being compared to gone girl. It’s a thriller and apparently a mind f*** as the family has secrets and they don’t appear as they seem.

The desire map – Bucket list, objectives, plans, big dreams and goals. This book has been on my list for a while and I’m excited to dive in. If you’re like me, looking for an inspirational read and want to sit down/plan it all out, then I think this book is for you.

I haven’t decided which book I’m going to start with but I encourage you to follow along on my Instagram/Twitter to hear my thoughts. I’d love to hear what books you guys are reading as well. Maybe we could start a little online book club. I think that’s a cute idea.

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