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So summer is officially here but I feel like I’m still dreaming of sunny, warm weather. This rain has got to go I tell ya. But even if the weather hasn’t figured itself out here, I thought it was time to reveal my summer essentials, in hopes that the sun might peek through.

With a lot of people on the go and traveling, I thought it was a good idea to share some of my favourite items to have on hand. I usually carry a huge bag and overfill it day-to-day, but you could keep these items in your car or just grab and go (if you don’t carry a huge bag that is).

Now, I recently wrote a blog post about my summer reads, so if you haven’t checked that out, you should. I ALWAYS have a book with me. It’s a staple in my bag. I read everywhere and it’s one my favourite things to do at the beach, when I’m drying off from swimming (I’m a mermaid by the way). I’m starting off with this book

Water! I’m actually surprised of how many people I know, that don’t like water. It’s so good for you and does amazing things for your skin and body. If you need it flavoured, try adding lemon, cucumber or a variety of fruits. I don’t like buying those “fruit drops”. I’d rather make a batch at home. Stay away from pop and sugary juices my friends.

Okay sunglasses are the number one item I lose every year. How? I don’t know. One moment they’re in my bag and the next I’m scrambling over the house, looking for a pair. Which actually reminds me that I don’t have any in my bag right now. Darn. This walk home will be a squinty one. So if you’re like me and lose them every year, look for a cute, inexpensive pair like these. I’m constantly checking out expensive sunnies, but I’m not ready for that kind of responsibility right now.

Sandals! Oh how I adore you and your cuteness. Remind me to get a pedi friends. I don’t know why, but for years I bought the Old Navy plastic sandals. Well I know why; they were around $4.00 (how can I pass that up?). Well no more, because they’re very uncomfortable and fall apart easily. My fault for buying super cheap shoes. I’m crushing on these for this year!

Now I don’t have one of these yet, but check out these portable chargers! Everything at this shop is adorable and one of these babies is on the list.

Headphones! I have my apple headphones that came with my phone but I’ve been looking at these ones for a while. They have a hefty price tag, so if that’s not within your budget, look at these (plus, they’re on sale!).

Sunscreen is so so important all year round, but especially now. I try to find a moisturizer with spf in it, but mine currently doesn’t. Check out this kit which features a ton of sun safety favourites. You should never leave the house without it.

Chapstick is always in my bag. This one is my favourite and it leaves my lips feeling soft all day. Your lips can burn easily, so take care of your kissers!

Dry shampoo is my life saver. I have the thinnest, finest hair (thanks, dad), so I could legitimately wash my hair in the morning and it could be getting greasy by night-time. This one, this one and this one are my favourites that I’ve tried and love.

You should also check out this sweet image that was created for the purpose of fixing your dry shampoo if it isn’t working for you!

So there you have it friends, my summer essentials. What are your summer favourites? Let me know in the comments! Also make sure to follow me on Instagram @mimosasandpumps to follow along on my summer adventures and enter to win a giveaway. Stay tuned!

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