shop love: by Luciana

Etsy is one of my favourite websites to visit daily and my wishlist on there is continuously being added to. Every time I’m searching around I come across something else I fall in love with. Recently I’ve fell in love with a shop with amazing prints that I want to add to my home and I think you will too! I have posted some of my favourites below, but let’s me honest; they’re all amazing.

Eat Cake For Breakfast - 8 x 10" Print

Tequila is Not My Friend - 8 x 10" Print

Non, Je ne regrette rien - 9 x 12 " Gold Foil Print

Neon and Gold - 8 x 10" Print

Love, love, love! I’ve already told the man to surprise me with these prints any time! Head on over to this shop and check it out for yourself! What are some of your favourite Etsy shops? I’d love to know!

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