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I like to keep what I write about on here light and fun, but sometimes I feel the need to be real and honest with you guys. By the way, I’m always honest, but to be truly raw is what I’m going for here.

Yesterday I lost my dream job. Out of the blue I was let go and it feels better knowing it wasn’t anything I did, but that it was just the way the company was moving.

It sucked, I cried, I had a pity party, but I also wrote a blog post and managed to do some organizing I’d been wanting to do.

Old Megan would have cried all day, thought negative thoughts and eaten lots of chips (I still did that last part). But, new me wiped the tears away and thought ‘this is just a bump in the road’.

GUYS, that is huge for me. I’ve always looked up to the people who could just move on, brush the dirt off and go. I’ve always been the one to think about the what ifs and focus on the past instead of the future.

Of course I’m scared and nervous, but I’m also excited. I started my 25th year thinking ‘wow I have the perfect job and this year is going to be great’. Well I know longer have the “perfect” job, but I do still think this year is going to be great.

I’ve had to learn that not everything you plan is going to go according to that plan. I’m shaking things up and working on bigger dreams.

We have all been there, we’ve all hit a low and this is probably mine right now, but I’m not going to treat it as such. I’m on here writing to all of you (something I love to do) and I’m thinking about what’s next. This is the most important time for me to focus on the positives and do the things I love to do. I’m going to dive into a new book I just bought, I’m going to meditate because it feels amazing and to be honest I’ll probably have a few more chips.

I’m thinking that if I keep thinking positive thoughts, that positive things will happen to me right? DUH. I’ve tried it so many times because my mom kept nagging me to start thinking more positively and be grateful for what I have. When I started thinking more positively (which isn’t always easy), positive changes took place.

It makes sense right? Of course if we’re thinking negative thoughts, what makes you think that the universe is going to provide you with a gift? It wants to find someone who is all like ‘ooh ooh I’m loving life’. Start thinking more like that, because I sure am.

And hey, if you’re feeling like this, well then I’m glad you’re here to read this! You could be feeling in a rut because of your job as well, or it could be because you gained a little bit of weight. Hey girl (or guy), I’m with you on that one. I’m getting back on the health track myself (nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of). I gained weight last year because of how stressed I was at a job. A job! I let a job get to me so much that I let go of myself. Well that’s not happening this time around, nope.

Basically, I wanted to tell you guys what I’m going through and maybe just maybe inspire one of you that is going through this as well.

Remember to never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or end (I’m so guilty of this). It will do you no good and you’re your own person anyways.

Now I’m going to go have a mini dance party in my living room because I need it and it makes me happy.

If I struck something within you, then reach out to me! I love love love talking to people and I’m a really good listener. To be honest I should have been a therapist, but then again I talk too much so I couldn’t just sit there and listen.

Now go and put some positive energy into the universe and remember how amazing you are!

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  1. Yas girl! This was such a good read, so fresh and real. I’m so proud of you and so happy of how positive you are 🙂

  2. Great writing!
    Funny, Insightful and personal.

    Have you heard of the book The obstacle is the way? It’s one of my favorites about going through hard times, and why they’re good for us.

  3. Good for you Meg <3 Positivity is contagious and I am proud of you for keeping your chin up! You are amazing no matter what you do! We know you will be justtttt fine 🙂 Love you so much!