Perfect End-of-Summer Getaway Ideas

Looking to go on an end-of-summer getaway? Don’t panic, summer isn’t over yet! But I’m sorry to tell you, my friend, it’s not going to be sticking around for too much longer. I know it’s crazy, we wait around for months until the sun decides to stick around, and then it’s like you blink and the temperature starts to drop. Eight to twelve weeks sounds like a long time, but if you work full time (or work multiple jobs – yes hi, I’m guilty), time really does fly. So, here is your sign to take an extra few days for your much-deserved end-of-summer getaway! I’m counting down my best ideas from day trips to full-on vacation status.

Day Trip

I wanted to start off with an easy one because I get it, multi-day trip planning can be hard. If it’s just you, or yourself and a friend or two, getting away for a whole day can be a fun last-minute trip for everyone. Ideally, I’d pick a town or place within a 2-hour drive from you. This ensures you can make it there for peak hours of the day, spend enough time, and still get home at a reasonable time. My go-to is a beach day, if you know me you know I’m literally obsessed with swimming. Living in London, Ontario means a ton of lake options. If you’re not a beach person (weird but okay), pick a fun little town and check if they have a weekend farmers market.

A lake for an end-of-summer getaway


So you need an end-of-summer getaway but maybe multiple nights is not an option for you? No stress, the overnighter is for you. If you’re looking for a night in the city, 110% use Hotwire. I am not at all affiliated with them, but it’s so fun to be surprised with where you’re staying. All you do is choose your location and budget, then on the morning of check-in, they send you the details of where you’re staying!

The Full End-of-Summer Weekend Away

There’s nothing like a few nights away at a lakeside cottage, not for me at least. Ideally, you’d book this a few weeks in advance, but sometimes AirBnB surprises you! Again, this one depends if you’re a city person or an out-of-towner. For me, living in a decent-sized city and working all the damn time means: get me into the water and away from my phone! If renting a cabin starts getting too expensive though, go dig through your storage room for that tent and air mattress. Two nights camping out of service does wonders for the soul – and your brain!

A Very Long Weekend

If you can swing it, four or five days off in a row is absolute bliss. Especially after the year we’ve just had! I’m assuming you haven’t jetted off to Mexico recently, so view this as your big vacation of the year. I recently just stayed at a cottage at ____ lake for __ days and it was the perfect reset. Yes, you’ll be unhappy returning to work after that much time off, but the “during” part is great!

Well friends, I sincerely hope you take some time for yourself in the coming weeks while the sun is still around. If you do head off for an end-of-summer getaway, tag me in your Insta stories so I can get inspired for my next trip!

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