7 outdoor table settings i love

I’m obsessed with hosting. Anyone else that loves being a hostess/host?

The problem is, is that I haven’t had a big enough space yet to do that .. until now!

In May, we’re moving into our biggest space yet (still renting), but it’s gorgeous and I’m very excited to make it our own.

I can actually have a table in this space. Like an actual dining room table instead of a coffee table (#blessed).

With this being said, that means a lot more hosting and creating cute table settings for any and everything celebration/holiday.

I thought I would share some of my absolute favourite outdoor table settings that inspire me below. I’m a big lover of hosting outside and I’ve always wanted to re-create a table with pillows on the ground, so you best believe that’s what you’ll see in this post!

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How darn easy is this? Wooden pallets, a blanket, and some pillows. Geeze Louise insert me in this picture. I think this is such a romantic/intimate idea for close friends. Who wouldn’t want to spend all evening here with those twinkly lights?

mimosas and pumps lifestyle blog

Now, I don’t have a backyard like that (yet), but how stunning is this? I love love love the different blankets being used. It’s a much bigger table than the one above, but it still feels intimate and so cozy. It’s nice to see that you can still have a bigger dinner party and make it feel small.

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First of all, I love these pillows and I love this table. I really like how they took an actual table out instead of pallets. It’s cool to see it done in both ways. So, for those of you that can’t find pallets, you can always use a indoor table and make it work.

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Here’s a completely different look made with a couple crates and a board on top (pretty darn simple). It’s nice to know that you can create a table setting in numerous ways while keeping it boho, chic and romantic.

Now, below I’m going to share a few different looks that don’t require sitting on the ground (just to give you some options!). Even if you have a simple piece of outdoor furniture, you can completely transform it with a few adjustments (table cloth, decorative pillows, candles, flowers, etc). Don’t think you need to break the bank to have a dream table setting, just use a little creativity!

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Here’s a simple look that doesn’t need much effort! That table is gorgeous. But, see how there isn’t pillows or flowers everywhere, it’s just some candles and honestly, it’s a beautiful setting.


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Here’s a setting that requires a little bit more effort, but still easy! Tea light candles and plants (love this idea opposed to flowers).

mimosas and pumps lifestyle blog

I like this example above because it’s not a wooden table, it’s a typical piece of patio furniture that won’t break the bank. They’ve dressed it up with some pillows and some flowers and damn it looks good.

I hope seeing all of this inspiration gave you some ideas for upcoming holidays, parties or just a regular dinner during the week. With the warm weather on its way (hurry up please), we all want to be outdoors. So, have fun with this and send me pictures with what you recreate.

Do you have a holiday that you absolutely must host every year? Or is there a celebration you have coming up that you’re hosting? Tell me your ideas/tips in the comments below, or you can always shoot me off an email.

If you want to see other outdoor looks, you can check out my Pinterest board here.

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