time to organize that desk + tech

Happy Monday folks!

I am so so happy it’s a new week. Last week felt pretty blah and I’m ready to make this a better one.

Today I thought I would share some of my organizing tips for your desks/tech. I recently went on a fall cleaning spree of pretty much the whole house and I can’t tell you how good it felt (jk, I just told you).

I paid close attention to my desk and laptop because I use them both every day and the amount of junk you keep and don’t need can be overwhelming.

Whether this is a desk at home or a desk at your office, I think it’s always good to take a step back and declutter!

OKAY, when it comes to desks, we’re all different about how we like to set it up. I appreciate my cute shit on my desk (it adds character). But, I have seen other desks and oh lord why do you have old McDonald’s cups and such sitting around still. This is why we’re doing this post friends.

Okay to start let’s toss those unnecessary papers out the window (not literately, recycle that). I’m talking about menus, old receipts and magazine clippings (because Pinterest can serve as your virtual vision board). And let’s keep the important documents like your financial statements, your lease, and your tax returns. I put these docs in my Kate Spade box that I love oh so much! Oh, I also keep my passport and other identification with it as well.

You’ll want to keep your personal papers like love letters, old birthday cards (I have all of mine since I was like 16, whoops) and put those in a safe place! I have those on a designated shelf in my desk.

Now if you have a million desk supplies, don’t go presenting that for everyone to see (you know someone in the office is going to snag something). Store them according to how often you use them. If you use your stapler multiple times a day, then keep that baby out. You can have a little shelf or drawer where you have your items that are used frequently and if you have another drawer, move your “might need” items there.

Finally as the last tip for the desk part, keep your cords organized! I think cords are so ugly when they’re all over the place. Either have them connected to one power surge protector under your desk or hide them in a drawer. If you have a lot of cords, secure them with twist ties!

Ah, I lied. This is another tip. I like to have a calendar hanging above my desk. I write notes and reminders on there so I don’t have a million sticky notes everywhere.

Organize, organize, organize. Okay on to the tech part.

I recently cleaned out my old HP laptop and my goodness I created so much space it made me giddy. Like seriously that thing is so much faster (it’s still a pos though).

Below, I’m going to mention a few apps that I personally use to make my life easier and some tips that really work for me.

Backing up files – This is something I rarely did and didn’t think I had to do and then wondered why I couldn’t find things for school.

My personal favourite is Google Drive. I just save everything I do in there and it doesn’t take up any computer space (insert heart eyes). But, I did find a few other options for you folks who don’t like Google Drive.

Dropbox: I use this one for work as well. I have the free version which is fine, but I do constantly get asked to upgrade because I have no space left (annoying). Carbonite and iCloud are the other two.

I find the cloud confusing and I’ve never used Carbonite, but I’ve heard about them on other sites so.

Your Password – Honestly, I use the same password for everything (if you know it, I’m changing it now).

I think Chrome has the “do you want us to remember your password” thing that I almost always say yes to. But there are other options. With work, we use LastPass, so feel free to check that out. It generates impossible-to-guess passwords which keep your accounts secure, so that’s a bonus. 

Notes – I personally cannot stand the ‘Notes’ app that comes with a Mac, so I use Evernote. I love how easy to use it is and I think it’s a lot more user-friendly.

I am also the type of person to write everything down, so I keep cute notebooks on my desk and use those as well.

Actually clean your tech – Yes yes yes. Clean that baby of yours. Wipe that screen and get in between those keys. No one wants a dirty screen/keyboard (unless you do, then you do you). I use the microfiber cloth that you get with your Mac.

Instead of sending a shit ton of emails to each other daily (clean that inbox people), my team and I use Slack. It brings me back to MSN messenger days where you would sit and chat for hours with your crush and change your status every time you did something that no one cares about. BUT, this is different because I talk to my team and it’s actually productive. Check it out, because who isn’t tired of constantly checking their inbox?

Really quick, though. Does anyone know how they can get back into MSN messenger? Gal pal over here wants to re-read some epic conversations. Every time I try to log in on the old HP laptop, it says invalid. Dumb. Seriously email me if you have a hack.

I’ve mentioned only the laptop, but you can do this for your phone as well! Keep your phone organized, because no one wants that popup saying you’re out of space. I take all the apps that came with the phone and put them all in one folder so I don’t have to look at them.

Move the apps you use most often to the first screen on your phone AND seriously sift through your pictures often. Delete duplicates and get rid of screenshots you don’t need anymore. Make that space baby.

Well, friends, I think that’s about everything for now.

What tips/apps do you use? Let me and everyone know in the comments below!

Have a wonderful first day of the first full week of October!

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