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Happy Monday everyone! I’m currently at the cottage and loving it. I needed this time away from the job and big city. It’s so nice to relax and hangout with close friends.

So far on this blog, I haven’t written about any opinions of my mine. As a blogger it’s tough to put your thoughts out on topics because sometimes you get negativity and that’s not what I want at all (it’s bound to happen at some point).

For the past little while I’ve been working on some projects that I’m really proud of and I’ve found myself becoming happier every day! I have mentioned before, I am a big dreamer and I try to surround myself with as many positive people in my life. Lucky for me, I truly have the best friends and family who cheer me on all the time.

I’m not a private person, I’m an open book and I LOVE talking to people; so I’ll pretty much answer any questions you have for me. BUT, when you judge me for my choices, I will shut down.

I don’t like conflict, I steer clear from it and I try to stay out of drama (I’m too old for that now).

When I share my goals and passions, I don’t expect everyone to agree or love what I’m doing, but I do expect respect (or don’t say anything). I recently did a Facebook cleanse and it felt SO good. I don’t need negative comments about my personal life and I don’t like when people shut down my dreams.

It’s MY dream and I’m the one putting the work into it, so I don’t understand why some individuals try to tell me to “just get a steady job, you’re dreaming too big”.

Basically, my point is that you shouldn’t feel like you need to stop doing what you’re doing because someone else doesn’t believe in you.

If you want to own your company by the time you’re 25 (my goal), then do it. If you want to skip out on school and travel then do it. If you want to spend time finding your passion then do it. If you want to retire when you’re 40 instead of 65 or older than do it. You just need to focus on you and do what makes you happy.

I’m hoping this inspires someone to keep doing them and working on what inspires them. I don’t want any regrets in life (I’m excusing the ones I had when I was younger). I just felt I had to speak my mind and share my thoughts!

Have a great first day of the week.

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  1. You go girl…keep on keeping on with your dreams!!! It’s YOUR life. I’m proud of you for doing what you believe in and I wish you all the best. I love you very much. xo