5 Timeless Fall Trends

I love fall. Who doesn’t? (if you don’t, we can’t be friends). JK. I love most people.

Okay, back to what fall trends I’m loving.

Even though it still feels like summer over here, I’m craving some cozy sweaters and a good pair of boots.

I try to look for staple items every season that are worth my money AND what I’m loving right now is pretty much what I’m loving every fall except I like overalls again. Anyone else?


I am obsessed with this look and I never want it to go away.

I’m loving allll kinds of skirts too. Denim, cord, leather (vegan of course) and the list goes on.

I think this look is trendy and can be worn day to night with a few minor accessory adjustments.

I like both over the knee boots and ankle booties paired with this.

I’d also carry this look into the winter, but just add some nylons or knee-high socks.

YUP. Digging this for life.

These images are from Kendall over at Styled Snapshots. She’s incredible and her style is flawless. 


Denim jackets are so timeless and not limited to one season. I haven’t worn one too often this past summer because it’s been hot AF, but you’re dang right I’m bringing them out for the rest of the year.

I just love that can you wear it with ANYTHING.

Dark denim, light denim, black denim, ripped denim, boyfriend denim! So much denim and so many good looks.

These images are from Suzanne over at My Kind Of Sweet. I just started following along with her and I love her style. 


I’ve always loved a good animal print, but never been bold enough to wear it other than on my feet.

BUT I’ve noticed it popping up more and more and I’m realllly digging it.

While I’m on the hunt for the perfect leopard print bootie right now, (anyone else?) I’m very tempted to buy a skirt like this in the picture below.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the source for the first image, but that lovely lady in the 2nd is Erin. She’s so relatable and funny. Which I adore. You can find her at Living in Yellow


OKAY, I legitimately haven’t worn overalls since I was a kid, but lord I am obsessed. I creep on people’s Instagrams who wears them and I’m like can I pull this off with my big booty?

Heck yes, I can! (Jk, I have no clue and I have yet to try them on yet. Stay tuned).

Anywho. I love that they’re back and not only in denim but cord and jumper form too. LIVING for a cord overall jumper. Who’s with me?

I think you can wear overalls with a tank, an off the shoulder top, a t-shirt, a sweater. Ugh it’s just endless.

The first picture I, unfortunately, do not know the source, but the second picture is blogger Sivan. She has a beautiful home and I love her YouTube channel. 


I am a big lover of coats. I probably have too many, but who’s counting.

My coats need to be comfortable though, and that is why I’m so loving the coat/sweater mix.

I love that they look like a coat, but feel more like a sweater/cardigan. They are so comfy and on trend.

I think they can be dressed up or down and usually have a great price tag as well.

You can get the first sweater coat here and on the right is Taylor from The Styled Press. Love her style. 

So what are you most excited to wear this fall?

Is there a trend you’re dying to try?

I want to hear about it in the comments below!

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