6 Ways to Have a Productive Morning Routine

Now that spring is here and the days are getting longer, I feel productivity buzzing in the air. That is why I have really dialed in my morning routine. When my morning routine is planned, I feel on top of the world. Now, I don’t typically follow what other people do because what works for them, might not work for me. I’ve loved reading what girl boss CEOs do before they get into the office/at their desk at 8 am, but that’s what sets them on fire. That’s what gets them going and feeling most creative/productive.

Please note, that the morning routine that I’m going to share with you is simply for inspiration. If you don’t want to work out at 6 am, THEN DON’T! Do what’s best for you girlfriend (or guyfriend). 

I think it’s super, super important to take some for yourself each and every morning before you dive into work. Don’t you think? I use to be SO bad at this. I would wake up and dive right into my inbox. DO NOT LOOK AT EMAILS FIRST THING. Your productivity and creativity just go out the window. Here’s what I like to do.


First thing’s first in my morning routine: I drink a shit ton of water. In fact, I keep my bottle beside my bed and make sure it’s full the night before. This gets things moving. It not only hydrates you, but it actually energizes you as well. If you don’t do this, get on it. I don’t need to sit here and tell you the benefits of water. It’s amazing for you.

Pro-tip: If you find it hard to drink water, add some citrus, mint, or berries to it for flavour!

A glass of water with mint and orange slices floating in it


Whatever form it may be, I like to get moving.

This could be a walk. It could be yoga, lifting weights (my preferred option), you could go for a run (lol never). Just something to get your body moving and grooving. No one has ever regretted a workout. You feel incredible! Get you a morning routine that energizes you and simply sets the tone for a damn good day.


After I’ve sweat like crazy, I like to get zen. I put my feet up against the wall. Put my headphones in and I find something inspiring to listen to. I really like the apps Inscape and Calm. The Tone It Up girls also have some really great guided meditations that I’ve loved listening to.

I feel like personally, I don’t take enough time to just let my mind rest. I’m constantly thinking about every little thing that is going on in my life, and this part of my morning routine is ‘me time’ and it feels so good.

If meditation feels silly to you, trust me, I felt silly at first too. It took a couple of times (okay let’s be honest, like 100) to learn to stay still and just let my mind go. Give it a try a few times and you’ll feel so friggen good. 


I try to keep my meditations to about 10-15 minutes, so I can get a smoothie in me, stat. I like to get some sort of protein into my body within 30 minutes of finishing a workout. 30 minutes is my rule of thumb. After using up your body’s available energy, it needs to be refueled. Specifically with carbs and protein—for energy and to repair the microdamage that exercise does to your muscles. My favourite thing to eat after a workout is a smoothie.

My go-to recipe I keep in my morning routine is something I just threw together. Give it a try if you’d like!

  • Frozen banana
  • Oat milk – I like these brands: Earths Own, Califia Farms, Ripple (actually pea milk and so good)
  • Collagen – This is what I’m using right now
  • Greens – Currently using this
  • Cinnamon
  • Protein – Been using this one for years
  • Cacao Nibs
  • Coconut oil

During this time, I also like to take my vitamins! I’ve been using this brand, and I love love love that all of their ingredients and sources are incredible. I’ve personalized it to my needs and I can honestly say they’re working. You do what’s best for you. I know some people are iffy about taking some supplements/vitamins. SO, do your research and make the best decision for your body/lifestyle.


I feel off if I go a day without reading. I like to at least get a chapter in each morning and just get lost in the pages. Reading is good for your SOUL. My boss actually encouraged me to make sure this was a part of my morning routine. It sets the tone for your day. Whether you’re reading for pleasure or work (my boss likes me to read business/leadership books), I think it’s very important.

When I worked outside of the home, I read on the bus or subway! If reading is something you’re worried about fitting in, make commuting better with a book (unless you’re driving, don’t do that). If you’re an office gal (or guy), try and get to the office a few minutes early and take a peek for at least a couple of pages.

You will feel so much better after doing so. 


I’m personally obsessed with to-do lists, but I know they can be extremely overwhelming and counterproductive. SO, at the beginning of each week (Monday’s for me), I write down my big 3. What 3 bigger projects do I want to accomplish over that week. After those three get done, anything else that’s smaller or was added to my plate is gravy.

I also don’t stress if something didn’t get done. I pride myself on getting shit accomplished, but don’t beat yourself up if something needs to be pushed.

So, do you have a morning routine? What’s included in yours? What gets you ready and inspired for the day? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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