i’m a little obsessed with diy

I’ve always admired people who are crafty and talented with building items for the home. I’m constantly finding DIY blogs and I long to be one of those girls that takes an afternoon to paint some mason jars and pin it.

With the move coming up, I’ve been looking at items for the home that we still don’t have and one example is a dining room table.

I am obsessed with the farmhouse table look but after looking for what feels like forever, I haven’t found anything I’m willing to spend my money on, or the ones I want are obviously $$$.

So off to Pinterest I went and found ideas and pinned and pinned until I found this amazing blog with a million ideas and plans to build furniture. Hello? Dream come true!

Here are my three favourite diy projects as of right now and if anyone wants to help me, let me know because I’ll need all the help I can get.


Love the base of this DIY bed! However,you do not want to use a solid piece of plywood under your mattress because a mattress needs to breathe so it doesn't mold.:


Isn’t this bed frame gorgeous !? That’s another thing we don’t have. As of right now, we’re using my double bed that I’ve had for a long while and the springs are attacking me. The bed is also on wheels and our floor in our room is slanted so that’s a lot of fun. If anyone can recommend a mattress to me, please do! I’m looking to invest in a new one, because girl needs one.

How to make an easy weekend DIY Distressed Header Board from salvaged wood pallets. Gorgeous, shabby-chic header board with step-by-step tutorial instructions and pictures!

This project has been on my list for a very long time but now that we’re getting a bigger place and there isn’t a window directly above my bed, I actually want to do it. This is one of my favourite wood headboard that I’ve found and it doesn’t look too hard to make!


This project is from the blog I was talking about earlier. The blog has so many plans for everything you can think of and they look easy enough to follow. I like the stain on this table and the style of it. The one thing I might change is the ends because I would want to fit chairs there, but I’m sure you could either find a different plan to suit your needs or fiddle with this one.

I’m excited to take on at least one of these projects this fall! I’m definitely thinking the table first because I don’t want to continue using my coffee table for guests; girl wants to host!

Here’s to hoping I have this done by my friendsgiving dinner party!

Let me know what DIY projects you’re crushing on! Have a wonderful day!

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