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Hi friends!

I’ve realized that I haven’t finished my house tour yet and I’ve gotten quite a few questions about it. So here it is! This is the “office” part of the tour and I say it with quotations because it’s not really an office, but a desk lol.

But, we made it our own and it worked!

In our new place (yes I’ll show you pictures in a bit), we actually have an office! We share the space, but it’s a step up and we’re so so happy. Our next goal is to have our own offices, but one step at a time right?

Well folks, this is the office and I hope you enjoy taking a peek into the space we created.


As I’m looking at this wall I’m realizing this shelf looks crooked, but it didn’t at home (oh well).

The shelf itself is from Ikea. They also have mini shelfs (which we also have).


That candle was delicious and if you know me personally, then you know I’m obsessed with candles.

That candle in particular is super old and I don’t think they make it anymore (where I bought it), but here’s a similar one that looks promising!

Once again if you know me personally, then you know I’m obsessed with the TIU girls! They inspire me to live a healthy lifestyle and have great workouts too. If you don’t know who they are, I highly recommend you check them out and if you’re curious about the book, you can get it here (it’s on sale).

Oh Kate Spade, how I love thee. The Things We Love book was a gift one year; it was on my wish list for a while. It’s a great coffee table book with bright, colourful photos and you can get it here if you’re interested.

The other two books you see there, are a notebook and agenda! Both Kate Spade (duh). The polka dots one is from last year, but you can get the same print for this year here. The mint colour notebook is something I still use and it’s sitting on my desk currently.


One thing we disliked about this space was how dark it was (the lamp made it a little better).

BUT look how clean it looks!

the office

That cute little mason jar (sorry I can’t remember where from), was great for holding those cute little Target pencils. Oh and if any of you want to do some DIY mason jar painting, let me know!

The weird little pink thing you see there is for your iPhone! It amplified the sound and was pretty great! I got mine at American Eagle in the accessories section, but I haven’t been able to find any since!

the office

the office

This chair is actually so comfortable and I love the look of it with or without a throw blanket.

The chair can be found here at Ikea! The lucite look isn’t for everyone, but I’m a big fan.

The desk is actually discontinued in this colour (cue sad face), but they have an alternative that is pretty cute! You can get that here at Ikea as well.

the office

the office

The stapler you see (I couldn’t resist the lucite and gold), is Kate Spade and I found it here. Ps. it almost always sells out.

The file folder was also found at Indigo (favourite store alert). It’s no longer on the site, but they have other cute ones I’m sure!

The binders were found at Staples.

The box is Kate Spade and I also found that at Indigo (no longer available).

The shop ban.do agenda! I love love love this agenda and it’s actually for this year which is perfect. You can put yourself on the vip list to get their 2017 agendas (they sell out almost instantly).

the office

This notepad recently took up my desk space until I got a different one. I got this one from Indigo! I love that I could list things that I actually needed (like groceries) or items that I was currently coveting.

Oh, btw I cannot stand that lamp. It was taken from Rick’s old family home and we spray painted it gold (DIY gone wrong). If you’re looking for a desk lamp, check out this one that I’m in love with.

the office

That gold vase was a gift from Laura (hi Laura) and it’s from Target. Target, I’m still upset you left Canada.

the office

the office

If you have any questions about anything, just let me know! You can comment on this post or shoot me an email!

I tried to list where I got everything, but if there is something I missed, just let me know πŸ™‚

Oh and if you haven’t seen the other tours, you can see them here & here.

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