home tour: the bathroom

Oh friends this is it!

This is the last home tour for the old place! How exciting right? But, don’t worry. I’ll be taking pictures of the new place for you at some point and we can see how different everything is!

That’s the exciting part about moving. You get to recreate what you imagine and you can switch things up.

It’s always fun starting with a blank canvas, but it’s also a lot of fun to have it all be done.

I have once again linked everything I could and mentioned where everything was found. If I have missed something and you’d like to know where I got it, just let me know!

bathroom tour

This shower curtain is AMAZING. When we moved in, there was a very retro looking one and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. This one is from Target and I actually got it when they were shutting down in Canada (so it was an awesome price). It’s fabric and it actually cleans really well (off topic). I have a closeup further down in this blog post!

bathroom tour

As you can see right now, it’s a very small bathroom. Just by swapping the dark retro shower curtain with the white shower curtain, it really brightened the space and made it feel larger.

bathroom tour

There was one window in this bathroom, but it’s very small and quite pushed back as you can see. I cannot wait to have a bathroom with more natural light!

Those towels are also from the Great Canadian Superstore (so I don’t have a link for them), but the quality is amazing and those blueish ones are actually Joe Fresh (I had no idea he made towels too).

bathroom tour

This picture is almost identical to the picture above, but gives you a better view of the garbage can eh eh.

Some things I’ve learned: that garbage can is too small and I want it hidden next time.

Don’t use a white bathmat. Yes I know there is a grey one on the floor which you can find here, but we use to have a white one there and that was just silly.

bathroom tour

These floating shelves above the toilet really made a difference. Because we had NO counter space, these were great to hold items that we used regularly (plus they look great too). The shelves are from Ikea.

bathroom tour

I’ve talked about these Saje products before and why I love them. If you’d like to know why I love them, then check out this blog post!

The candle is from the grocery store to be honest and it smells amazing. If you’re from Canada, then it’s from the Great Canadian Superstore and they go on sale for $7 and last FOREVER. I just finished burning a watermelon candle and you cannot go wrong.

bathroom tour

I’ve actually also talked about the Frank face products in this other post. Check it out if you’d like to see why I love it.

Also, I love using mason jars to hold items. Mason jars are adorable and they add a little bit of style.

bathroom tour

Oh! I’ve given you a peek into the shower. Nothing too special (I wish there was a bathtub).

bathroom tour

Ah the view with the lights off was quite nice. I almost always had a candle lit because I loved the look of it like this and it smells good (duh).

bathroom tour

And obviously here is the other side with the lights off.

bathroom tour

Guys this is what I meant about no counter space. This bathroom almost felt like a powder room, except we didn’t have another bathroom. Under the counter there was very little space as well, so that’s why I recommend the shelves!

bathroom tour

Yay a closeup! I’m in love with this (it might not be your style), but I’m obsessed. Just put the plastic shower curtain behind it and you’re good to go. And like I said, it’s super easy to clean too. Oh, note to self: don’t put in the dryer (duh Megan). This little guy is a little shorter now.

Well folks, that is it for the home tour. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my home with you and hope you enjoyed it as well.

The home interior is something I’ve become very passionate about over the past couple of years and if you want some help in your own home, let me know (I’m 100% serious and want to help you shop for pillows).

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