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Happy Friday ya’ll!

I’m very excited for this busy, busy week to be over and enjoy this hot sunshine!

Today I thought I would share what books have caught my attention and I plan on reading this summer. I made a summer reading book list last year if you want to check that out!

Now there is a repeat book on this year’s list because it’s just oh so amazing. Anything that Danielle LaPorte does, I love. You can check out all her other products here!

Okay, now onto my book list for the summer! Apparently, I’m really into mystery/thriller because like 4 of these books are just that, but who doesn’t like suspense?

summer book list

Don’t You Cry – Another one of her books was on my list last year “The Good Girl”. Definitely a good read in my opinion. BUT, onto this book. It’s a psychological thriller about how you can’t outrun your past. Apparently there are some dark and sinister parts (who doesn’t want that in a book?) and a lot of trying to solve puzzles (win!). For us Canadians, you can buy it here and for the rest of ya’ll, you can find it here!

Still Mine – So the cover of this book, paired with the words ‘Still Mine’, creep me out, so it’s already a win. So this girl Clare is on the run from her past, her husband and her own secrets (what are they Clare?) and ends up in this small town asking about the local missing girl (I’m already hooked). So, if you’re as intrigued as I am about this woman Clare, you can check out the book here or here!

summer book list

The Widow – Here’s another mysterious thriller that I’ve had my eye on for a couple of months. This woman’s husband was suspected of committing a crime, but she stood by him, keeping quiet and hiding secrets. Now her husband is dead and isn’t hiding anything. Oh la la! I want to know what the secrets are and if her husband did, soooo I’m going to read it. Take a peak here or here.

The Silent Wife – This book has been compared to Gone Girl (which I loved), so I should love this. It’s about a husband and wife who are headed for divorce, but apparently she’s planning his murder and he knows it type of thing? All I know is that this sounds crazy and I’m into it. Check it out here or here.

summer book list

Celebrate – Let’s be honest. Anything that my gal pal LC does, I’m obsessed with. So, naturally I’m going to want to read this book and learn how to throw the best party. But, in all seriousness, I love to host and if I can pick up a few tips and stare at gorgeous photos, then I’m in. Get it here or here folks!

Cravings – Oh Chrissy. First of all, you look amazing post-baby. Second of all, I’ve seen some recipes from this book and damn. I’d like to get into the kitchen more and whip up some recipes and if Chrissy is going to show me how then I’m totes in. Check out the cookbook here or here!

summer book list

The Nest – This one has been on my book list for a while and it’s been a Heather’s pick as well (if you’re Canadian and love Indigo, then you know who Heather is). It’s about these four siblings who thought they were getting their inheritance, but life gets in the way. Apparently it’s very funny, explores what money does to relationships and what happens to our ambitions over the course of our lives. You can get it here or here.

The Desire Map – This book has made it on the list again! WHY? Because it’s amazing. A guide to creating goals with soul. Mmm. Those words right there just make my soul feel good. If you’re looking for an inspiring read (why wouldn’t you be), then check out this baby right here. I’m reading through it again and taking notes. You can find this book here and here!

And there’s my summer book list. Hopefully, you’ve had your eye on a couple or I’ve sparked your curiosity with these! Let me know what’s on your book list and what you’ll be reading next. I love love love recommendations!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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