coffee scrub lovin’ on your face

Last week I talked about coconut oil and how much I love using it on my face (and body to be honest), but I also mentioned that when I do have more time, I put a little something extra into it.

Ps. This isn’t a sponsored post, just crushin’ on this product.

Taking care of my skin is very important to me. I love feeling and looking fresh – I mean who doesn’t? Now if you’re one of those people who don’t make time for your skin, I highly suggest you start. Don’t set this huge goal that you’re going to wash your face morning and night for 10 minutes plus, because that’s just setting yourself up for failure. Instead, start small and look forward to washing your face. It’s therapeutic for me at least and I feel like I’m giving back to myself when I do it.

To save me time, I usually wash my face in the shower (I’m a night shower kind of gal). While I’m in there doing my thang, I usually cleanse my face first, then scrub and then when I’m out, I moisturize.

Like I said before in the coconut oil post, I’ve used a lot products. I’m not talking about expensive products at a department store (I have used those), but I’ve used those “I’m on a budget” drugstore brands and I think they worked great for the time being. But right now I’m really diggin’ Frank’s new line. Now if you haven’t heard of Frank or his coffee scrubs, go right now and check it out. Just kidding, stay here and read this first then go.

First step is to cleanse and I use this morning and night.


I use a small amount, rub in a circular motion, leave it on for about a minute then wash it off.


The second step is the coffee scrub (use 2-3 times a week).


Once again, I use a small amount, rub all over my face and neck, leave it on for 2-3 minutes. I like to brush my teeth while doing this or wash my hair (if I’m in the shower obviously). If not, pack your lunch for the next day or do some squats. Then wash off!


Third step is the moisturizer and I also use this morning and night.


I use enough to coat my face without making it too oily, making sure to get my neck as well. Leave it on and get on with your day!

I’ve been using this new line for a couple of weeks now and I can say that I really do love it. It smells great and leaves my skin feeling very soft. I get extra cheek kisses from Rick because he loves the coffee smell (winning!).

I’m always open to trying new products and seeing what reacts well with my skin. But, I know one thing for sure, is that I’m going to be sticking with the all natural brands from now on!

Let me know what kind of products you guys love and swear by!

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  1. My skin feels amazing after using this!!!! SO soft instantly and I already see positive results just 3 days after using it. Love how Frank is all natural <3 THANKS for the suggestion Meg xoxo