Easing into Real Life Again (post-pandemic)

As the weeks and months go by, we’re moving closer and closer to “normalcy” than we’ve been in a year. And while I am so. damn. excited, some people are feeling nervous about this new post-pandemic world. Which I also totally get. So, if you’re feeling reentry anxiety about a post-COVID-19 world rather than excitement here are a few tips for how to best move forward—while keeping your personal mental health needs and compassion for others front and center!

1. Take it easy.

Ease into new activities by seeing one friend at a time or planning shorter local trips (if it’s safe in your area). Be as honest and open as you can about how you are feeling emotionally and why you have to say no to a certain situation at this time. Be gentle with reintegrating into society or you’ll risk burning yourself out by over-committing to everything all at once! I mean, I would love to go to a party every night, but truth be told, it would get old really quickly.

2. Make a bucket list of things you’re excited to do again. 

Let me be clear here, your bucket list doesn’t necessarily have to be extravagant or adventurous! It could be as simple as going to the movies, getting a haircut (when we’re fucking allowed), or heading to those nail salon appointments you’ve put off during the pandemic. Or, it might be super fun to come up with all the places you’d like to travel to when it’s safe to do so! The point is to push yourself to realize that there will soon be new possibilities for joy and, yes, a normal life.

An open suitcase with a camera, hat, and beauty products

3. Accept the changes.

While coming out of lockdown, your life, your body, your job, your relationship—seriously everything, might be different than when you entered it. And guess what… that’s okay! Everyone has baggage, and everyone has been going through similar sh*t as you over this past year. If your pants don’t fit like they used to (mine don’t), don’t be ashamed. If your relationship didn’t work out, don’t be hard on yourself. And remember, if this isn’t your reality and you’ve thrived throughout the pandemic, don’t shame people or make them feel less than because they’re a little softer than before!

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