coconut oil for your skin

I get asked quite a bit what I use for my skin and let me tell you I love getting this question. My mom is a health nut and so naturally, she shares her knowledge with moi; which I’m now passing on to you. Two words my friends: COCONUT OIL. Start using it immediately and reap the benefits. Now I am in no way a beauty/skin care guru, but this beautiful gift works for me and I’m thinking it may just work for you as well.

I’ve been washing my face since I was a kid (thanks again mom) and I’ve tried pretty much every product there is out there. Products that have worked in the past either no longer work or I’ve found better alternatives. As i grow up and become more aware of what I put into my body as well as on, I realize I appreciate all natural products because they make me feel better and that’s the most important.

Reasons I love coconut oil

1. It smells good

2. Makes my skin feel soft

3. It’s all natural

4. It’s easily accessible

5. It’s not too pricey (when compared to other face products)

6. It is so easy to use

7. It works (at least for me and a lot of other people)

My routine varies whether I save myself enough time to get ready in the morning or whether I’m lazy and ready for snoozing at night. If I don’t do my regular face routine (more on that later) I just use coconut oil. It takes off makeup (hello, amazing) cleanses, moisturizes and just makes me feel like a glowing princess.

Now I leave it on all night and in the morning I feel like my skin looks refreshed/healthy. Now since it’s an oil, you really don’t need a lot of it. If you wake up feeling like you’re too shiny, then wash it off (my mom does this). I don’t wash it off, I just coat my lashes with mascara, use a little concealer (if I need it) and I’m good to go. That routine is my, I slept past my alarm and only have 10 minutes to pack my lunch, get dressed and try to look remotely decent. Actually that’s my routine pretty much every day. I don’t do the makeup thing very often.

If you are one of those makeup people, where you can’t leave the house without it, then I suggest you wash it off and do your thing. I’ve learned that applying powder with my brushes to my coconut oil’ed up face, doesn’t do it for me. Just gage your time and see what you’re working with.

Now this isn’t for everyone. My boyfriend loves coconut oil for its many other purposes but not his face. He finds it too oily and therefore doesn’t do anything with skin (remind me to force him into a face washing habit).

Have fun and email me/comment below if you have any questions about my process!

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  1. You’re so beautiful, megs! love your blog xoxo and i never thought of using Coconut oil on my face i will try this out tonight, thanks for the tip 🙂