My Top 5 Summer Cocktail Recipes

I’m not sure if any of you know this about me, but I really like to drink. As I get older – and move away from drinking in excess – I find it’s such a treat to be able to appreciate good alcohol. While we all know that most of my content is focused on wine, I promise you I do not discriminate when it comes to a summer cocktail. With summer now in full swing, we can finally leave our homes and head to the lake with friends! So, I’ve rounded up 5 easy and delish cocktails to have on hand this summer.

Use Empress Gin for your next summer cocktail

Gin & Juice Babyy

I promised you these would be easy! All you need is Empress 1908, which is actually Canadian-made in Victoria, BC. Then grab a juice of choice, I’d recommend straight up lemon if you’re like me and don’t want anything too sweet, otherwise, I’ve seen white cranberry as an option. Top it off with a splash of sparkling wine and you’re ready to go. Throw this summer cocktail in a champagne flute if you’re feeling fancy.

  • 1.5 oz Empress 1908 Gin
  • Splash Juice of choice
  • 0.5 oz Sparkling wine 
  • 0.5 oz Sugar Syrup (optional)*
And Aperol spritz is the best summer cocktail

Aperol Spritz

A patio classic! The only thing that would make this summer cocktail better is if I was sipping it on a yacht in Italy. The best part is that you can grab a big bottle of Aperol and it will last a while (or at least a weekend). Depending on your preference, you may like just a little splash of this luscious apéritif or a heavy pour. Just taste as you go!

  • 3 oz Prosecco
  • 2 oz Aperol (or to taste)
  • 1 oz Club soda
  • 1 Orange slice to garnish

Pineapple Marg

Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but trust me on this cocktail. I originally came across this summer cocktail recipe and it said to blend pineapple for fresh puree, but hello, nobody has time for that shit. Add a splash of pineapple juice to your classic lime marg and you’re off to the races. Some Triple Sec or Cointreau will also round this drink off perfectly.

  • 1 oz Pineapple Juice (or fresh blended pineapple if you’re feeling fancy)
  • 2 oz Fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • 1.5 oz Tequila
  • 0.5 oz Triple Sec or Cointreau
  • 0.5 oz Sugar Syrup (optional)*
  • Shake and pour over ice with a salt rim
A cold summer cocktail with strawberries and mint

Fancy Ass Mojitos

I’ve honestly never met anyone who doesn’t like a mojito. Fresh mint and lime? Yes, please! This minty summer cocktail recipe is like the boujee cousin to a classic mojito. Aside from the basics, you’ll need some fresh berries and a bottle of bubbles. Whip this up when you have friends over to make them believe you’re fancy AF. 

*Important: make sure to muddle your mint in a glass with the rum and lime juice before adding other ingredients

  • Fresh Mint Leaves
  • Berries of choice(fresh if you have, but I won’t tell if you use frozen)
  • 2 oz White Rum
  • 1 oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 0.5 oz Sugar Syrup (optional)*
  • Ice
  • Prosecco

Ruby Red Gimlet

Last but not least, the Gimlet. This cocktail is actually super easy, even though it sounds swanky! Muddle some mint in lime juice and shake it with gin and grapefruit, then voila. If you have some fun glasses at the back of your cabinet, it’s time to crack ’em out for this summer cocktail!

  • Fresh Mint Leaves (plus extra to garnish) 
  • 2 oz Gin
  • 1.5 oz. Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice (or the regular old stuff if you’ve got it) 
  • 1 oz Fresh Lime Juice 
  • 0.5 oz Sugar Syrup (optional)*

For any of these that call for sugar syrup, I’ve added optional* next to them depending on your taste (“You’re sweet enough anyways” – old man you used to serve at your high school restaurant job). Don’t forget to leave a comment or tag me in Insta if you end up making one of these yummy beverages. Happy drinking!

*If you do need a little extra sweetness, stir to dissolve equal parts sugar in hot water. Allow cooling before using.

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