backyard ideas

Backyard ideas eh. Backyards are my thing right now. Like seriously obsessed with pinning them.

If you’re like me and rent your home, then you can’t go crazy and renovate your space, but you can look!

This will be our first summer in this new place and we have a porch! Nice upgrade from a basement apartment in Toronto. But, porch talk is another post kind of thing.

OKAY, back to backyard ideas.

I am always on the hunt for inspiration. I want to own a home in the near future so these spaces will obviously come in handy. I’m a big fan of spaces that you can host in. I love love love hosting, so I think an inviting backyard space is important. Anyone else obsessed with outdoor fireplaces? I see everyone raising their hands.

I’m going to share some of my favourite spaces that I’ve seen on Pinterest and hopefully, they inspire you and give you your own backyard ideas!

backyard ideas

All of these spaces feel so warm and cozy to me! These are definitely big expensive projects but, definitely, add amazing character to the home. I am also loving the idea of big doors that lead right into the kitchen (adding to wish list).

backyard ideas

I am loving the variety of tables being used in these outdoor spaces! I am completely in love with that long farmhouse table and I definitely will be having one of those inside my home as well. AND don’t you just love those stairs that go into that adorable sitting area? GOALS.

backyard ideas

These spaces here are a little easier to recreate! If you’re on a budget, then these spaces could be a fun weekend project. Plus, who doesn’t love big outdoor swings? Oh and outdoor rugs? 100% on my wish list for my porch!

What is your favourite outdoor space? Does one of them call to you or are all of them filling your backyard ideas heart!

I’ve shared some spaces today that are definitely easier to attain vs some that are big projects and more expensive.

What is on your backyard ideas must-have list? Do you need a pool? Do you not even like pools? You never know!

I definitely love pools and I’d like a cute pool boy to go with it (don’t tell Rick!).

If you want to check out more outdoor spaces that I’ve been pinning and will continue to pin away, take a look here.

AND if you already have an amazing backyard, then I want to see it! Send me your inspiration and backyard pictures to my email at

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