9 ways to practice self-care

If the COVID19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s how important it is to take care of yourself. Something that I don’t think we do enough of is self-care. Seriously, it’s so important to take time for ourselves and more importantly love ourselves. Treat our soul and bodies right.

I know I always feel best when I take care of myself. Legit, I feel like a goddess after I shower and wash my face.

Now, I know you could easily read a bajillion articles/blog posts on selfcare practices like taking a bath, but I wanted to dig a little deeper than that.

1. Write down what you love about yourself

This is something I don’t do enough, but I’m starting to pick up again. Whether it’s in a journal, on a sticky note that sits on your screen as you work or lipstick on the mirror, it’s key.

Let me start.

I love my brain, my persistence, and emotional intelligence.

Now your turn! Seriously, give it a go. Go love yourself.

Along with being grateful for the people who are a part of your life, it’s always nice to remind yourself of the most important person in it — you. By jotting down the reasons why you’re proud of who you are, you’ll not only reinforce your abilities but also be thankful for them. This is a self-care must if you ask me.

2. Make an effort to compliment a stranger

Another way to invest in yourself and practice self-care is to be kind to someone else.

I think the simple act of complimenting someone else is not only enough to make someone feel amazing and make their day better, but your mood happier as well.

I am constantly finding myself telling people (including strangers) that I love the looks they’re wearing or the haircut they’re rocking. Or I’m sending my friends and family text messages about how much I love them or I’m proud of them for something they’ve done.

Next time you see someone who’s just crushing it in a particular area of life, go and tell them that. It will make their day and you’ll feel damn good.

Self-care starts in the morning by eating a healthy breakfast

3. Cook and eat a healthy breakfast

One of my favourite ways to practice self-care is to make myself a healthy breakfast when I wake up. I used to rush out the door for work or grab my laptop and dive right in now that I work from home. Nuh-uh honey. That doesn’t do you any good.

Lack of energy? Being hangry? No thank you.

Give yourself enough time in the morning to at least make a smoothie or some eggs. It’s a self-care game-changer, and a proper way to start your day off right.

You will feel better. Trust me.

4. Disconnect from your phone for the day

I forgot my phone the other day while out running errands and my god was it freeing.

I won’t pretend that I was stoked about it at first. Girl wanted to listen to Spotify in the car and alas I couldn’t. How do I get my drive on without listening to Mumford, you know?

But in all seriousness, we live in a society where everyone hops on an app and watches a highlight reel of everyone else’s lives. It’s hard not to compare and post our every move for validation.

Give yourself a break.

My best friend got married back in June and I didn’t take one. single. photo.

There were photographers. I didn’t need to prove I was there having the best time. I was too busy getting drunk in preparation for my speech.

Purposely forget your phone the next time you head out. We didn’t always have one you know.

A cat taking a nap in the afternoon as a euphemism for self-care

5. Take a nap — without feeling bad about it

This is something I’m way too good at.

I’ve always been a good little sleeper.

Although it’s easy to feel guilty for napping instead of participating in an activity that’s deemed more productive, remember that your mind needs to rest in order to function fully and think positively.

You know yourself better than anyone else, so if you need to take a breather and rest up, then do so!

I try to do this on the couch and not in my bed. I find when I nap in my bed, my body thinks it’s time to legit sleep and I can nap for way too long.

Get your nap on.

6. Call a loved one and have a conversation with no distractions

I’m a big fan of talking on the phone. More so than texting if I’m being honest. Let’s just say I’m a little bit old school.

BUT I’ve been guilty of picking up the phone while cooking dinner, turning on the TV, folding my laundry, putting on a face mask, and doing everything but actively listening to the other person on the line.

I’ve been working on breaking this habit and giving my undivided attention. I give the people in my life my undivided attention in person, the same should be the case on the phone.

If this is something that’s new to you or you’re uncomfortable with phone conversations, try it out! Step out of your comfort zone and say hi.

I guarantee the person will be over the moon excited seeing your name pop up on their phone. My friend Duncan almost always calls me as opposed to texting when we’re making plans and every time I see his name pop up I smile because it makes me feel good!

7. Tend to My Love Language

Okay, so at this point, you must have heard of love languages by now right?

If not, here’s a quick refresh…

Most people feel most cared for and appreciated in one of five ways: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch. While these are important in relationships so you can make sure you’re loving your partner the way they receive love, it’s also so important to know your own and keep a good check of how often you’re receiving love that way!

Physical touch is the way I feel most loved. Since being single, it’s been a little harder to fill my cup up this way. SO, I take care of myself by booking massages, little spa nights in my bathroom, and cuddles with my kitty.

It’s a good thing words of affirmation are a SUPER close second because I can call my mom or best friends to chat, take a peek at positive things my friends have said about me in text messages, etc. A good conversation with someone I know that cares about me does wonders to make me feel better and lift my spirits.

Bonus — as great as receiving love feels, giving love has just as deep an impact on us. I’m a huge lover, so giving love makes me feel just as good as receiving love!

Live with your physical touch-loving partner? They might love some early morning cuddles. Know someone who appreciates acts of service? Why not do the dishes after dinner so they don’t have to?

You are caring for yourself when you care for others, especially if those “others” are people you love.

I have seriously made most of my friends take this quiz! Do it for you. Do it with your partner if you have one. It’s a game-changer.

8. Be present

My best friend reminded me of this one. Take time to sit with yourself and just breathe. Sit outside. Soak up that sunshine and air and let your mind just be.

Too many times we don’t take moments for ourselves. You don’t need to be on your phone, watching a show or so go go go at all times. Enjoy being with your company and breathe. Allow your mind to wander, dream, etc.

It’s seriously so odd how many times I’ll be sitting there working and then sit back and take a deep breath and I’m like woah, how long was I not taking some breaths for myself?

In my new place, I have a great front porch. Every time I’m out there in the mornings with my tea just embracing the morning, I kick myself for not doing it more often.

Do it! Be present with yourself and others too!

Enjoying a solo glass of white wine as an act of self-care

9. Take yourself on a date

This is a really new way of thinking about self-care, and something I NEVER used to do. I was actually kind of nervous if I’m being honest. BUT, since being single, I’ve done more and more for myself.

I’ve gone to the movies on my own and you best believe I got me some movie popcorn.

I’ve taken myself out for dinner, got a glass of wine, brought a book, and completely wrapped myself up in that experience. It was amazing.

I think I’ll even have a picnic before summer ends in the park. Make a charcuterie board, bring a book once again and soak up the sunshine and fresh air.

AND there you have it.

Just some other ways you can look at self-care.

I hope you take a few ideas from this list and test them out yourself. If you do decide to try at least one of these out, shoot me a message! I’d love to know how it went for you 🙂

OH, and if you’re feeling stress/anxiety, you can check out my post here about how I deal with that.

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