3 Fun and Inspiring Road Trip Podcasts

I just started listening to podcasts. Regularly, that is. And by regularly I mean it’s been a couple of weeks and I think I’m killing it.

It’s just never been my thing.

My bff Kate is obsessed with podcasts so naturally she’s who I go to for podcast updates and recommendations.

I’m just such a music person that usually that’s what I listen to in the car. BUT, I’ve been finding myself really digging turning on some podcast episodes on road trips.

I’m listing 3 podcasts that I’ve been listening to and really enjoy (and think you would too).


Have you ever shopped at Nasty Gal? I haven’t in a while, but they have some pretty cool shit and this boss lady started it all.

I love that she’s super honest and just a badass in general.

On this podcast, she features boundary-pushing women who’ve made their mark in their own way and it’s honest and hilarious.

Check it out if you’re looking for some good motivating conversations to listen to!


I really like Anna Faris. She’s cheeky and outgoing and blunt.

I was stoked when I read that she was starting a podcast and I knew I’d have to give it a listen.

Basically, she gets a bunch of friends/celebrity guests on her show and they all hand out “unqualified” advice to listeners who call into the show hoping for dating and relationship tips.

I think it’s silly and it’s definitely entertaining. It’s a nice break from all the serious talk I do at work and lets you take your mind off things for a while!


This podcast was actually one I found after reading a blog. I didn’t know anything about Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari (who runs the podcast).

Basically, they merge pop culture and their personal exploration of the word “wellness”. These two gals had questions, asked Google. Found it to be unrelatable, so went in search of answers.

They interview gurus of all kinds. From shamans to comedians and it’s good. It’s real conversation and I love that they take you on this guide to seek their most authentic selves.

Okay, what podcasts do you listen to?

Any recommendations for me?

I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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